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A Heraldic Caturday

This week we are showing a rampant cat from the April 1938, Volume 2 Number 17, issue of The Book Collector’s Packet: A Monthly Miscellany of Fine Books, Bibliography, Typography & Kindred Literary Matters. The serial was published by the Black Cat Press in Chicago, Illinois, This is another gift from Jerry Buff and is not yet cataloged.

For comparison we are also showing an armorial bookplate design with a trio of rampant lions from Dated Book-Plates (Ex Libris) with a Treatise on their Origin and Development by Walter Hamilton, published by A. & C. Black in London in 1895.

‘Rampant’ is the term used to describe an animal that is standing upright or rearing up on its hind legs. Where the lions look ferocious, the cat just looks like she is dancing.

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